What Teachers Are Saying About Can You Find the abcs?

“My experience with Cathleen’s book has been a positive one. It helped a little boy who had auditory processing problems with sound-symbol relationships. He could remember the letter symbol and sound with the pictures there to help him.” - Speech Pathologist

“Children love to look for things. They will search for the hidden letter that is an integral part of each picture. That’s what makes the book interesting.” - Art Teacher

“I used the vowel pictures with my students who are learning disabled in reading. At the end of the year, my students knew their short vowel sounds. When asked how they remembered them, they said they remembered the pictures.” - Special Education Teacher

“Children are enthralled with finding the letter within each illustration, thus aiding their visual memory. The rhyming text adds to the fun and enables the children to make predictions.” - Kindergarten Teacher

“A book well suited for active participation and involvement. Teaches letter and sound recognition as well as rhyming.” - Kindergarten Teacher

“I would like to highly recommend “Can you find the abcs?” written by Cathleen Rogers. She asked me to test it with my first graders. I happened to have a few students with learning challenges at the time. They had dyslexic tendencies, and were having difficulty learning to read. Since the book incorporates multi-sensory learning techniques, these students grasped the phonetic sounds of the alphabet quickly, while beforehand they struggled. I also used this book with at-risk students in an after-school program and achieved the same results. I strongly recommend this book!” - First Grade Teacher

What Kids Are Saying About Can You Find the abcs?

“I like it. Can I keep it?”

“I like the pictures.”

“I like to look for the letter hiding.”


“That was fun!”