Case Studies

To test the effectiveness of Can you find the abcs?, I conducted two case studies.

Julia was six years old and in her sixth month of kindergarten when we began our sessions. On her first visit, I asked her to name and write the lower case letters of the alphabet in order. She correctly named and formed thirteen letters and omitted seven letters. Julia reversed the letters b, d, h and z, and reversed the order of n and m. When I asked her to give me the sound of each letter (presented on a lower-case letter card), she correctly produced seventeen of the twenty-six sounds.

By our fourth session, (after following the multi-sensory teaching activity incorporated in Can you find the abcs?), Julia named and wrote all but one letter accurately (in alphabetic sequence) and produced all the correct sounds when presented with the letter cards! When I asked her how she did it, she said, “I kept on thinking what the picture is.” In fact, when I presented the letter cards, she said the letter name, the picture clue and the sound!

Zach was four years old and attended preschool when we began working together. I asked him if he could sing the alphabet song at our first session and he sang, “n, o, n, o, p, q, r, s, y, g.” When I presented the lower-case letter cards, he did not know any of the letter names but made the correct sounds for a, x and z.

At our fifth session, (after following the multi-sensory teaching activity involved in Can you find the abcs?), Zach could sing the alphabet song in correct sequence and only omitted four letters. When I showed him the letter cards, he gave me the correct picture clue and sound for eighteen letters!


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