About The Author

I have been a reading specialist for over thirty years, working with elementary, middle school, high school students and adults. Presently, I lead workshops and train teachers to teach reading.

I am also a published children’s author. My poem, “Hi Sky” was one of eight poems selected (from more than a thousand submitted) and published by SRA/McGraw-Hill in the anthology Starfish.

Another collection of my phonetic poems titled No Fish was published by Wilson Language Training.

My latest book, Can you find the abcs? was created years ago as I struggled to find a way to teach the short vowel sounds to a group of first grade students. After trying many different methods and materials, I began to draw little pictures that provided association clues to the letter formations and sounds. After taping the vowel pictures to the students’ desks and sending copies home, teachers and parents began asking for consonant pictures as well, and Can you find the abcs? was born! Later, I created the plastic, textured letter cards (to add a multisensory dimension to the learning process) and a rhyming text (to help students develop concepts of print and phonemic awareness.) Finally, with the help of my son, Mickey Rogers, and Paul Mahoney, both computer graphic designers, my original drawings were transformed into beautiful illustrations. This is an interactive book that includes a fun learning strategy to help children master letter names, letter formations and letter sounds, the building blocks of early reading success.

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